Our Vision:

Preparing for life in all it’s fullness


We want to help build good people – good people who will make a difference in our communities; they’ll aspire to add kindness, with humility and treat others with dignity. We want our faith to be an anchor, a pull which reminds us what is right, what is wrong, what’s important and why.

Our Values:

  • Kindness through selflessness, compassion, and mercy.
  • Aspiration with a strong desire for achievement and success.
  • Community in the importance of relationships of love, compassion, generosity, truth-telling, forgiveness and gathering together as a community; across all barriers.
  • Dignity  through safeguarding and anti-bullying, through valuing all our children and through excellent SEN provision. Ensuring that children not do feel humiliated or lack in self-worth.

We strive to develop:

  • The belief that each person is blessed and is a blessing.
  • A joy for our world through play and playfulness, wonder, amazement, fascination and delight.
  • A method of reconciliation; encouraging discussion of sensitive matters, providing strategies through which problems can be resolved.
  • A sense of glory and awe.

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