2014 hailed the entrance to a New National Curriculum and 5 years in we are proud of our broad and balanced curriculum. This provided us with the opportunity to review our current content; discard tired, less relevant schemes, topics and activities and refresh the curriculum with exciting, engaging themes. (Our full topic overview can be found on the Curriculum Page.)

National Curriculum Levels have been replaced with a set of expectations for each subject and area of learning – specifically Reading, Writing, Maths and Science.

The ‘best-fit’ model has been replaced with a ‘mastery’ approach, which requires children to meet ALL expectations before they can be described as ‘meeting age related expectations’ at the END of each academic year.

These changes have presented many opportunities and several challenges; which we have systematically worked through. We have created a  ‘Progress Package’ which aims to help parents understand the expectations for each year group.

We are working hard; tailoring the curriculum to provide the right opportunities to help each child meet their potential.

Below you will find the contents of the Progress Pack for Y5 and Y6.


When assessing your child’s progress, we use the following National Curriculum standards.

Year 5 Writing Checklist WF

Year 6 Writing Checklist WF

We’ve also put a booklet together which might help you support your child to use more complex writing features, such as: modal verbs, the passive voice and a range of cohesive devices:

Writing Reminders


Below is a simple checklist which outlines the expectations for the end of each year:

Year 5 Reading Checklist WF

Year 6 Reading Checklist WF


The Year 5 and Year 6 pupils are expected (by the end of the academic year) to read, spell and use the following words in their own work:

Year 5 and 6 words WF

Grammarsaurus (a teacher-led resource for teachers, parents and pupils) have recently produced a series of videos on specific elements of the curriculum. The series can be found on You Tube, here is a sample:


Below is a checklist for the ‘end of year expectations.’

Year 5 Maths Checklist WF

Year 6 Maths Checklist WF

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