West Felton are part of the Corbet School Sport Partnership and as such compete in various events throughout the year.  We aim to be as inclusive as possible offering a wide range of sporting opportunities for children to enjoy and compete in.   Pupils are selected to represent West Felton based not only on merit, but on attitude and passion for the sport.  It is a great opportunity for children to showcase a great range of sporting skills aswell as meet other children.

We were awarded a School games gold award in 2019 for our committment to provide PE and sport games.  This was retained in 2019-20 along with a badge for continued sporting commitment to the School games programme.

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What are the  School Games?

The  School Games is a platform which provides young people with the opportunity to take part in competitive school sport. The Games were designed to build on the excitement of London 2012 to motivate and inspire young people to engage with as much sport as possible. There are 4 levels of competition:

Level 1: Intra-School Sport.

This is sporting competition within the school which every pupil at West Felton will take part in. This will take the form of a personal challenges in PE lessons and competitions at the end of every unit ,where children compete in the sport which has been the games focus in PE lessons. Although it will generally just be KS2 children who will compete in specific sports competitions out side school, KS1 children will still experience some competition through modified games related to specific sports and Oak class take part in the Superstars programme with other Shropshire schools.

Level 2: Inter-School Sport.

This level of sport involves KS2 children only. Throughout the year some pupils will be selected to represent West Felton against other schools in local sports competitions. The competitions which the school enters will aim to provide opportunity to compete in a breadth of sports across the year. This will hopefully allow as many children as possible the chance to compete for West Felton in a sport which plays to their own strengths and abilities.

Level 3:  School Games Festivals.

These are county competitions which schools can participate in if they qualify via selected Level 2 events. Each county hosts a multi-sport showcase event as a culmination of the year round program of competition between schools  offered at Level 2. To qualify for these events schools must win the opportunity through outstanding performances at Level 2 events.

Level 4:  School Games.

This a national multi-sport event in which the county’s most talented school age athletes have the opportunity to compete against each other, should they be selected by a National Governing Body of Sport. This event takes place in high quality venues which create a unique and vibrant atmosphere to replicate some of the world’s top sporting occasions. This event supports athlete development and acts as a stepping stone to further national and international competition.

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