Our School Uniform

West Felton School Uniform

We believe that school uniform is very important. We like our children to take pride in wearing their school uniform and representing our school. We have chosen uniform options to reflect the practical needs of our children and we expect you to adhere to these standards. Our options are cost effective, we do not insist on ‘logo’d’ items and many of our children wear supermarket brand t-shirts and sweatshirts of the correct colour.

Should you wish to purchase school uniform items with logos they are  available from the School Shop Direct, you can visit the shop at 5 Henley way, Shrewsbury,  SY1 4PR, telephone your order through on 01743 440449 and have it delivered to school or order online at  www.schoolshopdirect.co.uk

Winter Uniform

Summer Uniform

PE Uniform


·         Black or grey trousers or skirt or pinafore

(skirts and pinafores must be of an acceptable length)

·         Light blue polo shirt

·         Royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan

·         Black school shoes – trainers are not acceptable

·         Black or grey tailored shorts

·         Light blue and white gingham summer dress/two piece/shorts

·         Black school shoes, sandals are acceptable but we prefer covered toes to help reduce injuries

·         Black or navy shorts or leggings or tracksuit bottoms

·         Light blue or white t-shirt

·         Sensible trainers

·         It is helpful to have a spare pair of underwear and socks in your child’s bag

·         Some of our pupils have diagnosed sensory needs and we will make exceptions where necessary

·         If you are unsure, please check before you purchase

·         You may be entitled to school uniform vouchers, please ask any member of staff and they will help

Here are some examples of styles and colours:



With the great British weather being what it is, we do not stipulate dates for winter/summer uniform, we entrust your judgement and your child’s comfort.

Please ensure all items are labelled with wash-resist labels. Labelled items are much more likely to make their way home!


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