Dear Parents,

We are all set to return to school on Wednesday 2nd September and we can’t wait to see you all.

Please find three documents which you will find helpful. The first is our full returning document which you received at the end of July. The second is a summary and is designed to be an ‘at a glance’ guide having read the full document. The third is an ‘at a glance’ guide to absences.

If you have any questions please contact:

We will be uploading a video for the children on Seesaw on or before Friday 21st August, along with some activities which will help support your children in returning.

Preparing for the full opening of schools.docx

Returning to School in September at a glance

Coronavirus related absence quick reference guide for parents

EYFS/KS1 returning support activities 

Dumper Truck of Emotions Worksheet

Helping Young People with Separation

Anxiety Adult Guidance

How to Make Your Own Worry Doll Worksheet

I Am Brave Worksheet

Positive Affirmation KS1 Fortune Teller Activity

Summary of My Time Away from School

Today I Am Feeling…Spin Wheel Activity

Today I Will Be Magnificent Worksheet

What Can I Put In My Coping Skills Toolbox Worksheet

What Makes Me Happy Worksheet

KS2 returning support activities

I Am an Amazing Person Worksheet

I Can Statements Worksheet

Let Your Worries Go Worksheet

My Positivity Jar Activity Sheet

My Ten-Minute Journal

Positive Affirmations Fortune Teller

Returning to School Bag Challenge

Summary of My Time Away from School

What I Am Thinking but Not Saying Spin Wheel

What Positives Have Come from Lockdown Worksheet

What Questions Do You Have about Returning to School


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