Religious Education

Our big concepts in Religious Education at West Felton: 

  • To be tolerate and respectful of others faiths and beliefs.
  • To be inquisitive about world faiths.
  • To understand the importance faith holds in the lives of many.
  • To enable pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith, by exploring core theological concepts.

Progression in Religious Education at West Felton:

RE at WF

Vocabulary in Religious Education at West Felton:

RE Vocab at WF

St. Michael’s Church, West Felton 


West Felton is an explicitly Christian school that is outstanding on the way it lives the Christian values. We work closely with our clergy team – Rev Suzan Williams and Rev. Jassica Castillo-Burley.

Summary of West Felton Church Inspection

  • A palpable sense of joy emanates throughout the school.
  • There is exceptional pastoral care for all ages and abilities.
  • West Felton shines as a beacon of inclusivity and equality where those who may struggle find support and spiritual nourishment.
  • One child, when talking about our Christian Values, said ‘the values help us aspire to be better.’
  • The Christian character of the school has an exceptional impact on academic achievement as well as pastoral development and wellbeing.
  • With outstanding teaching and pastoral support, pupils are confident to overcome challenges and to know that they are cherished.
  • Pupils enjoy school and thrive in a curriculum which is varied and created to meet all needs.
  • Enthusiasm yet calmness pervade activities and motivation to learn is high.
  • Behaviour is of the highest standard, while allowing children to be individuals with different interests and strengths.

The Church of England Statutory Inspection

Outcome: Outstanding

18th May 2017

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