Internet Safety

At West Felton School we place great emphasis on equipping our children with the skills and knowledge to keep themselves as safe as possible in the ever advancing technological world.
We aim for children to understand the potential risks but also to understand the value to learning that the internet and other technologies can offer.
Over the year all classes have been teaching E-Safety units of work. These are adapted to the age of the children in the class and the possible risks they may encounter.
Many of the resources and materials we use are provided by CEOP (Child Exploitation + Online Protection).

Generally, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children are taught:
– Stranger Danger
– Where to seek help if they are upset by anything they see or read online.
– Not to share information with others online, i.e name and address details.

This is addressed primarily thorough a Super hero called SID who teaches the children how to stay safe.

In Key Stage 2 children are taught :
• The possible risks they may encounter from using social networks, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Xbox LIVE, Snap Chat, What’s App etc.
• To critically evaluate the information they read on the internet and to question its reliability.
• What to do and where to seek help should they come across inappropriate or upsetting material on the internet.
• Not to share personal information online and how the sharing of information may be used inappropriately by others.
• Not to share passwords with people other than their parents.
• How to safely store information and prevent the spread of viruses.
• How to act responsibly and respectfully when using computers and online.

There is a wealth of information available for parents online, particularly on the CEOP website, here you can also view a range of videos produced by CEOP for use in schools and videos for parents and carers.
ChildNet also has a wealth of resources for parents.

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