The school’s modern foreign languages work develops three aspects:
a) Oracy, children’s ability to speak in different languages
b) Literacy, children’s ability to read and write in different languages
c) Intercultural understanding, children’s understanding and appreciation of different cultures

In key stage 2 French is taught, on a weekly basis by the class teacher or HLTA, both as a single subject and through other areas of the curriculum

Lessons particularly focus on the development of French language skills, and on building a knowledge of French culture using a range of teaching methods including songs, rhymes, games, role play and the use of ICT. They also listen to stories and watch video clips in French identifying familiar vocabulary and phrases. As their French vocabulary and understanding of grammar improves, they learn to communicate in French asking and responding to questions and begin to read and write basic sentences.

Beech class y2/ Y3 The children learn a range of words and phrases associated with simple greetings, classroom vocabulary, numbers, colours and the alphabet.

Willow Y4/ 5 The children learn a range of phrases and words associated with greetings, animals, transport, classroom instructions and weather

Sycamore Y5/6 The children learn a range of phrases and words associated with classroom instructions, family, animals, time, clothes and sport.

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