Every year, our subject coordinator directs a Self-Evaluation Document for English. This document follows Ofsted directives regarding: Achievement, Curriculum, Quality of Teaching, Leadership & Management and Overall Effectiveness. Our most recent Self-Evaluation concluded that…


  • Pupils are performing well in reading and writing
  • KS1 and 2 SATS results confirm good progress across the primary phase.
  • SEN pupils achieve well in the subject.
  • Pupils enjoy English lessons.
  • A range of writing is on display around the school


  • Cross curricular links are rapidly improving as the topic themed curriculum takes hold
  • Wider reading is encouraged throughout the school
  • Our new curriculum is reviewed termly
  • Staff are up to date and aware of current good practice
  • Pupils experiences are enhanced with videos, more able writers days and theatre trips , competitions, promotion of local events
  • Termly updates are attended and information is disseminated to all staff

Quality of Teaching

  • Teachers make imaginative use of resources
  • Teachers are engaging and enthusiastic
  • Homework is thoughtfully planned and develops independent learning
  • Literacy co-ordinator has Lead Teacher experience
  • ICT is well integrated into English lessons

Quality of Leadership & Management

  • Lead teacher opportunities have enhanced assessment procedures and subject knowledge
  • Staff are informed of new developments and materials are supplied e.g. new NC
  • SEF document is used effectively and efficiently
  • National initiatives are encouraged and participation in events developed e.g. World Book Day
  • Writing moderation are well-established termly event
  • Moderation involves other schools

Overall Action Points

  • Renew whole school ‘literature spine’ (Pie Corbett 2013).
  • Launch a new reading incentive scheme.
  • Continue to build the whole school profile of sentence types and structure.
  • Begin to assess speaking and listening more rigorously – build into Literacy moderating cycle.
  • Create opportunities for systematic team teaching to enhance understanding of different age groups, for English co-ordinator to extend experience (and review planning strategies) and to share good practice.
  • English skills must be transferable e.g. writing across the curriculum should be the same standard as writing in ‘English.’
  • Research intervention strategies (Linked with SEN).
  • Cartoon morph; can we use it?
  • Keep up to date with new texts.
  • Research Writer/author visits.
  • Continue with extra curricular opportunities e.g. film club, storytelling club, drama club

Assessing without Levels in English…

September 2015 sees the end of Levels as we know them. We are currently working hard to ensure assessment in Literacy is as strategic and rigorous as it always has been.

We are using the NAHT Assessment Framework to support us with this. We have collated the updated performance standards and key performance indicators for both reading and writing.

Reading Incentive Scheme

In February we launched our Reading Incentive Scheme. Each child has a reading journey sheet which parents sign when they have heard their child / children read aloud. The sheets are kept in the children’s Reading Record Books. When the journey sheet is completed, the children receive a certificate and badge in Golden Assembly.

Year 1 and 2 were our keenest readers with 81% of children receiving at least 1 certificate. 65% of our Year 3 children received at least 1 certificate and 50% of our Year 4 and 5 pupils received at least 1 certificate. One fifth of the entire school received 2 certificates and 8% received 3 certificates. 1 Year 1 pupil received 4 certificates!

It is fantastic to see so many of our children being given the opportunity to read aloud at home and we look forward to seeing this continue. We are concerned about the amount of children who did not even complete 1 Reading Journey Sheet. There is a significant correlation between time spent reading at home and reading ability.

The children can continue started maps and new ones will be given out over the first two weeks.

Keep up the good work out there…10 minutes a day makes all the difference.

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