On a soggy June day, we headed off to Chester Zoo. Sycamore class designed their own unit of work entitled ‘We Can Change the World’ and one of the focuses is habitat destruction and it’s impact on wildlife.

We arrived early and were the first group in the zoo. With fitbits at the ready, we started our journey around the zoo. We headed for ‘The Island,’ seeing elephants, rhinos, meerkats and wild dogs on the way.

We saw Sangria, the Australian tree kangeroo, the beautiful sun bears and the magnificant Sumatran tigers.

Moving on, we headed for the bat cave – seeing 3 different species of bats. We saw tapirs, capybaras, lemurs and okapis before heading to our workshops on Conservation.

In the workshops, we had the opportunity to see confiscated animal products which highlighted the horrific animal trade and its impact on the environment. Our workshops were informative and engaging and we had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

We then headed to the Realm of the Red Ape and saw the orangutans who have been moved back to their original enclosure as their new one was damaged in the recent fire and is currently under reconstruction.

We saw zoo’s newest arrival – Karamoja – the Rotherschild giraffe before heading to the shop.


Both Mrs. Scott and myself commented on what a pleasurable day it had been. It is a privilege to spend time with such polite, well-mannered, enthusiastic children. Thank you to the parents for funding our fantastic day, the Friends Committee for funding the coach and to Mr. Dean and Miss. Bunn for accompanying us.

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